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aspara® Nature Smart Grower

Seed kit



This is an amazing product!

 "Aspara is by far one of the best smart gardens on the market. It takes away most of the guesswork and actual work of gardening! ..." –

Farm to Couch

Well designed and made

"I have had my first harvest, it is very nice, the lettuce grown huge and healthy when I harvested, I think is because of the sensor and the colorful lights? Look professional. The control panel and app is very informative also." 

Dave Elliot

I bought this for my parents

My mom was planning on retiring in Jan and my dad was worried she was going to bug him and wanted her to have a hobby. They live in FL and the weather is good for growing but the critters are not. They have this and they say their plants are growing really well and given the number of pods they have a variety...

Jess W

Totally recommend

Amazing! Beautifully made and easy to use. I’m a serial plant killer and look at the result! I can keep track of the plants using the app and the seed kits have got everything I need. Very nice product.