App FAQs

  • Place your smart grower in an area with WiFi coverage, then:
    1. Log in

  • Sign up by pressing the “Sign Up” button, fill in your information and verify your account in the confirmation email (using the device with the aspara app installed); or

  • Follow the instructions and sign in with your Facebook/ Google/ Twitter account

  • 2. Add device

  • Press the “Add Device” or "+" button at the top right corner

  • Then press the “Set up a new device” button

  • Follow the setup guide to connect your device to your aspara

  • You can simply search “aspara” in the app stores (iOS store or Google Play Store) of your device.

  • aspara app requires iOS 10.0 or later / Android lollipop or later.

  • aspara app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and most of the Android phone. It may not be compatible with some of the Android tablets, you can see the message when you access to the aspara app page in the app stores.

  • aspara app is available to specific regions only. If you cannot download your aspara app, please contact

  • Yes, you can grow your plants without the aspara app. Simply use the control panel for the offline mode.

  • For the offline mode, you cannot fully control your aspara. You will need to choose your planting program (A, B or C). You can refer to top of the seed kit package for the desired planting program.

  • The planting stage (germination/growth) will change according to the planting program (Range from 3-10 days). You can also manually select the planting stage if you would like to change.

  • Please note you may need to manually extend the germination stage if your plant has not germinated after the germination stage. After your manual selection of planting stage, aspara will not change the stage automatically.

  • Yes, users can connect to multiple aspara smart growers with one aspara app.

  • Open the aspara app and check if your aspara is shown on the my veg page.

  • If no, press “Add device” on top right corner and connect your aspara to app.

  • If you can find the aspara on app, check if the aspara is disconnected. Maybe your aspara is placed in area with weak wifi signal or your wifi network cannot connect to internet. You can check your aspara control panel and get some hints whether your aspara cannot connect to your wifi or your wifi cannot connect to internet.

  • If you are sure your wifi signal is strong enough and your wifi is connected to internet, try unplug and replug your aspara.

  • You are welcomed to email us at if you have any enquiry.

  • Please download the aspara app before you get started. There are two ways for other users to connect to the smart grower:

    1. Connect to the Wi-Fi network

  • Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network that the aspara has already connected to.

  • Click the “Add Device” or "+" button at the top right corner (on the My Veg page).

  • Under "Available", you can find the devices that are currently connected to your internet network.
  • Select the device you would like to link to your app.

  • Click "Subscribe".
    NB: If you cannot find your aspara under "Available" (which may due to the settings of your router), please follow the instructions below (2. Sharing).

    2. Sharing
  • To share your aspara with other users, select the device on the "My Veg" page.

  • Click "Share", then click "Share this Device".
  • You can then send a link to other users.
  • When the users click the link, they will be directed to the aspara app. They will also be asked to confirm the subscription to your device, click "OK" to confirm.

    NB: After adding the smart grower to the device list, all users will be able to monitor and control it remotely.

  • Please check if you have verified your account in the confirmation email (using the device with the aspara app installed).

    If you cannot find your answer above or you need our support, seek help from our Customer Support.